Good weather, you pay less

It has lowered the light. The price of electricity on the wholesale market has dropped considerably in January and February and the big winners are the customers with regulated VBAC rate, which now pay 10 euros less than the same month a year ago. In February, the average monthly price reached a record price ka downward 0.09255 euros / kWh
Since January 2014, when customers with VBAC were started to invoice with the price of the wholesale market he was, never had obtained an average monthly price per kWh as low.

The highly anomalous weather has been fundamental to this powerful descent is given, since the wind and rain have led to a greater contribution of renewable energies.
It is usual during the first quarter, but this time its impact has intensified because for many hours more expensive technologies have not been necessary, and it is these that usually set the price on the wholesale market.
Customers with regulated rate VBAC are the main beneficiaries of the falling price of light, since the price has now been reduced to 56 euros, while a year ago for the same amount were paid 66 euros.
But that power has gone down now does not mean that it will continue to do so. It depends on many circumstances, including weather. Furthermore, we must bear in mind that with VBAC, these drops are combined with other months of strong increases that penalize rather the bill.

Customers who are on the free market, meanwhile, will not benefit from the lower prices of electricity. They are not affected by this reduction or, or the price increases at the same wholesale market.

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