Electrical safety

Electrical safety is a matter of mental attitude (the feeling that you want to work safely), professional knowledge and common sense, which concerns us all, not only from the point of view of our own protection but of those who around us and the place where we live or develop some kind of activity. When working with electricity, no leeway for errors, improvisations not reckless decisions.

Many of the accidents that occur with equipment and electrical installations are only due to the carelessness of users and the lack of basic safety standards.

The following general rules and recommendations will help to prevent accidents when you perform any electrical work. Your timely application can save your life or that of others, and its omission cause exposure to burns, electric shock, fire and other calamities.

Never assume a priori that a circuit is de-energized. Probafase check with a multimeter, test lamp or any device or instrument in good condition.
If you are completely sure how to proceed before an electrical problem, do so; if in doubt, get help from an electrician or a qualified technician.

Do not work with low light levels, or when you are tired or taking medications that induce sleep.

Do not work in humid areas or while yourself or your clothes are wet. The wet reduces the resistance of the skin and promotes circulation of electric current. If the floor is wet, use a dry board to isolate.

Use tools, equipment and devices approved and appropriate protection (goggles, gloves, shoes, helmet, etc.)

Keep your tools and other items of electrical work clean and in good condition.

Avoid wearing rings, chains, bracelets and other metal accessories while electrical work. Also, do not wear loose clothing that can catch. If you wear long hair, wear hair.

Do not use water to fight electrical fires. Use only appropriate fire extinguishers, preferably carbon dioxide (CO2). It can also serve some foams and halogenated substances.

Never work on equipment or complicated circuits to be sure you fully understand how they work and you have located potential danger points.

Always know where the devices shut down the equipment and electrical systems such as plugs, fuses and main switches are located. If necessary, mark them with some kind of label.

Do not delete the shots, or ground wires for electrical installations and equipment. By contrast, check that they are in good condition. Ground connections protect people from receiving electric shocks. The driver green / yellow facility protection should not be disconnected, or employee removed two other purposes.

A person who has no skills to use basic tools or follow written instructions should not attempt to make electrical installations or repairs of some magnitude. Any mistake could be fatal or cause irreversible damage to the property or equipment damage.

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