The electrical consumption could solve energy problems

The electrical consumption could become the solution to today’s energy problems if the Royal Decree is being prepared, was approved in terms that they did economically viable for individuals, something that looks like it will not happen if we ignore the published in the draft royal decree on consumption sent to the CNE in July 2013. the main energy problems that currently exist in the Spanish electricity market are several:

  • The continuous increase in the cost of electricity, caused by the “supposed” tariff deficit claiming power companies.
  • The inefficiency of the electrical system where the consumption points are far from the points of generation and this generates losses for the system.
  • Dependence on external energy sources such as oil and gas.
    An oligopoly for the commercialization of energy where only a few companies can sell energy.


Adopted adequate regulations on electrical consumption would overcome these problems because:

  • Self-produced energy is consumed and cause the “deficit” rate will not increase by limiting consumption from large utilities.
  • transport and associated energy losses are avoided.
  • The self-produced and self-consumed energy uses sustainable resources and prevents the need to import oil or gas at high prices.
  • Currently the few energy companies that market do at similar prices, so that the free market does not exist in practice. With the competition would increase consumption and prices should be adjusted to the actual cost of production being avoided that large utilities can set prices unilaterally.


Another advantage of the electrical consumption is the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions because the generation is based on sustainable energy sources that do not produce gases.

The big problem of the electricity consumption comes from the predictable legal defenselessness. Currently and as indicated in the BOE December 2011, the Royal Decree on self-consumption should have been approved before April 2012 but still has not been published and when it does there is no legal certainty that it will be maintained in the same terms for a considerable period of time (at least 10 years).

It may be the same as with the rules on photovoltaic energy since it was first approved in 2004 (RD 436/2004) has been amended so many times, one in January 2012 (RDL 1/2012) and it has led to the moratorium on renewable energy, generating helplessness and many problems in the photovoltaic sector.

It can be concluded that the solution to today’s energy problems is technically and economically feasible but will depend on legislators to reality.

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