About Us

Electricians close to me in USA conducted for years an important role in the installation, repair and maintenance of electrical installations both private homes and business. There is another area where the lighting is very important and widely used and also requires constant maintenance and repair faults quickly because it is an inconvenience to a large number of people, we talk about street lighting.

We are specialists in electricity reforms, adjusting the old plant to the new regulation of low voltage, while we verified the safety of them. We perform various works in schools, offices and especially reforms of centralized metering in communities of owners and energy saving systems where we get a saving of up to 60%.

Our company has over 10 years doing all kinds of electrical installations: domestic, industrial, lighting projects, certificate of facilities, etc.

We must emphasize our specialization in electricity reform, to adjust the old facilities to the new low voltage regulation and ensure the safety of them. In this area, we can highlight different works in schools, offices and especially in centralized metering reforms in Communities of owners and energy saving systems where we get savings up to 60%.


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Some of our services

  • Facilities in neighboring communities
  • Rooms counters
  • Facilities and businesses
  • Service to public bodies
  • Housing facilities
  • energy audits
  • Energy savings in communities
  • Technology for energy saving
  • Electricians in USA
  • Electric certificates USA
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